10 Aug 2011

Making a house a home

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Our new house was officially ours last Wednesday! We took a bottle of wine down with us after we'd put Edie to bed at my mum's and sat on the living room floor and talked exciting talk about the future. I kept saying 'I can't believe it's ours!' and it's true, I can't. It's slowly starting to feel real but until we move in I don't think I'll get my head around the fact that those four walls belong to me and my little family

 When does a new house feel like a home really and truly? 

 I need to get our pictures up on the walls, our books on the shelves, our shoes under the stairs. I need to fill that house with us-ness. But before that we have boilers to fit, walls to knock down and floorboards to sand. So first things first. We'll get there soon and our new house will become our new home. Excited!

 I've been making notes on how I'd like our new home to be. It's thrilling to have a completely blank canvas to work with, each and every room (and the garden) needs our loving attention. There are so many things to take into consideration. I've decided to start a Pinterest for inspiration. 

  I hope it'll help me get my thoughts and plans into some kind of order, isn't Pinterest great for that? It gives visual clarity to your vague ideas and helps you establish what your 'taste' or 'style' is. There is clearly a leaning towards a certain style with the images that I've chosen. 

 But again, first we have wallpaper to strip and boilers to fit. There's a long way to go yet. I so want to put my heart and soul into this little place.  


  1. Oh how exciting, are you going to post how each room is coming along on your blog? My boyfriend's mum has just bought a house and I don't think she knows of pinterest, but she's keeping a scrap book and allocating a few pages for each room and cutting out designs she likes from magazines, swatches of paint and designer's phone numbers.

    Good luck with the decorating, and congratulations on the house!



  2. Oh Anna that's so exciting About the new house. Congratulations - look forward to seeing/hearing about the progress you are making with the renovations.

    Pinterest is absolutely fantastic for projects like this... I'm an addict!

  3. Thankyou! And yes, I will document the progress of the rooms but it will prob be a long, long process!

  4. I frequently debate (in my head) the "when is a house a home" question. It takes me a long time to call a new place home. A long long time. But I think with all the love and wallpaper stripping and floorboard sanding that you'll put into your new place it will feel like yours quite soon!

  5. when we moved into our apartment last year (we don't own it but it was the first time we'd lived together without housemates) it was the best feeling. all the stuff inside was ours, it wasn't a collection of other people's crap and we slowly bought furniture and knick knacks and now it really feels like our home.
    congrats on the new place, it's very exciting!

  6. Wow, thats great news, I use Pinterest all the time to pin inspiration when I'm designing homes, its great. Having a new place to call your own is fantastic.


  7. First of all, thank you for your gorgeous comment :) Second of all, congrats on your new home!! I bet it will look be-a-u-tiful as well as cosy. And THIRD of all, all your posts lately have been lovely. Love those adorable by the sea photos, and your writing about hugs. xxx

  8. Saw this, thought of you x