24 Aug 2011

Lists- August 24 2011

10 little things that made me happy when I was small

1-  looking at the rainbows that appeared on my eyelashes on a sunny day

2-  pushing my hand down deep into the chicken feed barrel

3-  emptying out Nan's button basket and sorting the buttons out into piles

4-  lying too close to the fire, curled up like a cat

5-  the smell of horse poo

6-  singing in the car on the way home

7-  painting PVA glue onto my palms and then peeling it off

8-  taking off my socks and throwing them at my dad

9-  sitting in my wardrobe with a torch and a book

10- trying on my mum's slips


  1. i loved painting PVA glue on my hands as well :)

  2. The smell of horse poo still makes me happy!

  3. Oh, I always loved little pockets full of buttons. I've begun my own collection!

  4. Lying too close to the fire curled up in a little ball is simply heaven... I'll never grow out of doing that..!



  5. That's so cute - I had a thing about the button basket too!

  6. I love this! I did the same with my nan's button basket :) And peeling PVA glue off was the best!