7 Feb 2013

feeling grey

I'm not a big hater of winter. In fact there are lots of things I love about it, and reminding myself of those things goes a long way to making me appreciate these shorter, often greyer days. But this last week I've really felt the grey dragging me down. I'm 31 weeks pregnant, anemic, full of coughs and sneezes and my husband has working every god-given hour for weeks, leaving me with a 3 year old to entertain on these cold and rainy dark days.

Sunday David had a few hours off and we went to one of our favourite cafes for lunch. It was dark and gloomy outside, in fact it was dark and gloomy inside too, and even being there, cosy and warm with a pot of tea and a gorgeous plate of good food at a place that always makes me happy, felt flat and lacking in spirit. I looked out of the window and everyone who passed looked so gloomy, heads down, faces pinched against the cold damp air.

So I've been thinking that maybe I need an injection of spring, of light, of colour, of life and new beginnings to rocket me out of this winter slump.

So this evening I've been pinning away at an inspiration board for a new outlook. And it's beautiful. Take a look if you need a little sunshine and colour. 

Hooray for spring! It's just around the corner. 


  1. Oh love I'm sorry you've been feeling flat...we've had one illness after another here and the last couple of weeks have felt like a hard slog. Just can't wait for longer lighter days and green shoots on the trees...and blossom!! One of my favourite things in all the world. I hope you feel brighter soon. Eat lots of dried apricots,they're really high in iron and don't bung you up like the supplements do!! Take care lovely. Rachel xxx

    1. I'm going to pick some apricots up today, good advice! I'm on the iron tabs already and they are giving me such a headache! I'm blaming them anyway. But I'm ok really, just want to break free, from this winter and from my tired, waddling body! X

  2. Oh beautiful pins Anna. They make me feel positive on a Friday! I need springtime too, I'm sick of having chapped hands from working outdoors. x

  3. What a lovely board Anna ... I saw them popping up in my feed last night ... they are beautiful pictures ... I wish spring would arrive too ... winter would be okay if it was a little shorter ... but we are at the end now ... sunshine should be on its way ... Bee xx

  4. I'm with you with wishing Spring will descend soon! A few early signs today get a big thumbs up from me! sunshine!!

  5. We so need to meet up... I am so fed up with grey and all of us being constantly ill (I haven't been able to swallow since Weds!). I also have Dave working silly hours so entertaining all three kids in the rain is really hard. Anyway, see you next week for a cheering up cup of tea. I can bring you some Spa Tone, which worked a treat for my iron levels xxxx

  6. So lovely! Isn't sneezing and coughing awful when pregnant? Also , I'm trying to put a little spinach in everything I eat :) bring on spring! Take care x

  7. Oh what a great idea, Im off to have look - I need a little colour and sunshine here too. We have all had coughs and colds here for weeks now! I cant wait for spring either, its on its way though, not long now! xx

  8. It's a great board, evokes hazy sunny days lazing about in long grass. Have hit follow so you can keep my winter greys away too! Hope you feel better soon, coughing and spluttering through winter only makes things worse so hopefully you'll have a little sunshine cheering you up soon x