21 Feb 2013

making a start

I have a little space that's a place to write, to draw, to make and create. 

Lucky me.

But this space has been in a bit of a sorry state since we moved into this house, with family space always taking precedence. We worked hard on the spaces we use to socialise, to eat, to play and to sleep and although these spaces aren't 'finished' they are moving towards out vision of what we want our home to be. But now, maybe because we have a new baby coming, a new baby who will push our creative space even more to the sidelines, I've decided to focus on this room we're so lucky to have and bring it up to scratch. 

And as I'm a bit of a messy, disorganised cow I figure I need a simple, functional space (which still looks the biz) in order to keep my work in check. So today I started sorting things out.

It's a work in progress, that's for sure, as the other side of the room is heaped with boxes, files and plastic bags full of, um, stuff,

But it feels good to be taking steps towards creating an area to work in that makes us happy. 

More work space posts to follow soon, hopefully!


  1. I spy a cloud! I'm doing exactly the same thing (but without the new baby obviously!). I need somewhere to sit at, write and create. Looking forward to seeing how you progress. x

  2. I am planning a similiar little space for me ... just somewhere to keep everything together ... it will make being creative a whole lot easier ... looking forward to seeing your space ... Bee xx