26 Feb 2013

party plans for Edie - part 1

Our new little one is due April 9 and not long afterwards (maybe just hours depending on how long overdue I go) is our big girl's 4th birthday.

So I've decided to get a head start on organising her big day, especially because I want her, as well as our new little fella, to be fussed over a little that month. 

And there's always the chance I won't be up to doing much at all for a long time post birth (like last time I'm afraid). So a plan is needed.

Breaking a project down into manageable pieces is vital for me. Otherwise I just have these vague ideas that stay just that, vague, and never take the shape I want them to.

Blogging about these things is a excellent way to set things in motion. You have to think them through, you have to break things down. So here goes! 

Edie's Birthday, 2013
First things first...

I started by jotting down the elements I need to consider for her little tea party. I came up with-

Now, this just going to be a tiny tea party, nothing extravagant, with probably just family attending and all within a minuscule budget. But no less special for a 4 year old girl after all.

Next I hit Pinterest, putting together a board made especially for the event. I'm going to have another pinning session tomorrow to add to this. It's fun! Makes me want to throw parties more often.

click to be taken to my Pinterest!

After loading up on lots of inspiration from Pinterest and considering priorities I decided that first I'm going to focus on DECORATION. 

I thought about themes, about the colours and elements I'd like to include (like a photo back drop? I've seen lots on other blogs but never tried one myself, looks like it could be a great way to get some lovely shots) and came to the conclusion that I'd like bright, spring time colours, bold and pretty shapes, nothing too girlie, just fun and celebratory. 

But ask Edie what her favourite colour is at 2 o'clock and the answer will be different from at 1 o'clock, so I've decided to make the decision on this one. And I'm going for...

...turquoise, yellow and pink.

I plan to make some large tissue paper pom poms in turquoise and pink to hang from the ceiling. 

I've just ordered tissue paper in turquoise and pink and so I feel like I've already set the ball rolling.

And although I've made these before I found this tutorial on Pinterest to share with you.

They're easy to make and look gorgeous hanging together or scattered across your ceiling. 

It feels good to have started on a plan and to have plenty of time to achieve it. Totally out of character for me! In fact it's probably the pregnancy hormones but hell, I'm rolling with it.


  1. What a great idea ... we have a birthday in early April too ... my littlest turns 3 ... you have inspired me to do a bit of proper partying too ... Bee xx

    1. Good! I always plan to do this and that and before I know I'm rushing to some crappy supermarket to pick up supplies because I've left it too long! X

  2. I think it's going to be a great party........:) x

    1. Hope so! Although I have to keep in mind that I'll possibly not be in the best of party moods after just giving birth, last time I would have been upstairs crying! Fingers crossed this time will be different :) X

  3. Excellent colours - all my personal favourites. Those tissue paper pom poms look excellent. Can I suggest some bunting made from pictures of her favourite toys? When my boy was a bit younger I took a photo of each one of his toys then printed them out and strung them up - he still talks about it now! x

  4. Love the picture and totally look forward to more pictures of the bash in April!