5 Feb 2013

goals for February

It's that time of the month when I like to set a few little (and very achievable) goals 

treat myself every week

I need this one badly! I'm in a bit of an anemic-31-weeks-pregnant slump and need a pick me up to make things a little sparklier. I have a voucher for a chiropodist (glamourous I know) that I intend to use asap. I may go to cinema ON MY OWN one day (why I see this as a treat I'm not sure, but right now I do and so I will!) and I'd like to go swimming. 

get outdoors whenever I get the chance

The snow, the rain, my growing bump, my back pain, my general lack of energy and many coughs and sneezes have conspired to keep me indoors for the vast majority of the last few weeks. I need to blow the cobwebs away, to walk and look up at the sky, to stand by the sea and shiver, to look hopefully for the first signs of spring that must be due pretty soon, right?

begin to organise things for baby number two

Yeah, I need to focus my mind on the fact that I will have a new born in around 9 weeks time. This month it's time to dust off the pram, the moses basket, the car seat and all the other baby bits which have been in the attic for the last couple of years. I need to make a little space in our lives and our home for the little fella who's going to be joining us sooner than I sometimes let myself admit. Getting things sorted will help me prepare for the rollercoaster ride that is to come and will no doubt go a long way in avoiding the last minute panics that could be on the horizon...


  1. I think I also have to go do some outdoor activities soon. I've been spending too much time working on my little shop :)

    I was also sending you an email recently can't wait to share some of your stuff with our fans I bet they will love it, have a lovely day!

    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  2. These sound like great plans ... spring is slowly arriving here although we had snow yesterday ... enjoy your treats and hope you feel more energetic soon ... Bee xx

  3. Every year on my birthday I have a new yearly goal list - it is coming up to that time! I like the 'treat yourself idea'!