28 Feb 2013

goals for March

I think I failed miserably on two of my February goals. 

I aimed 1- to treat myself a little (hair, pedicure, cinema...) and 2- to get outdoors as much as possible.

I didn't treat myself to any of those things (though I'm not complaining, I'm a very lucky girl to be even contemplating those things I know) and during the second part of the month I hardly stepped foot outside unless I had to. Because I've had another foul virus and it felt like Antarctica out there.

But I did manage to salvage goal 3 which was to begin organising stuff for the new baby. So not a total fail. 

So I'll be carrying the other two over into March. And this time I'm on it.

(Unless I'm still ill or the temperature drops below freezing, which are both realistic occurrences I have to admit.)

But my other goal is to sort out my art work, get my new work on etsy and organise my big cartel shop. All things I need to focus on now before my brain goes baby. So roll on tomorrow. This month I mean business.


  1. Love the new art work - good luck with this goal xo

  2. I might be following some of those goals too :)

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