19 Nov 2012

Kirsty Logan and The Light Eater


A little pack of short stories from Glasgow based writer Kirsty Logan arrived in the post last week. I'd heard Kirsty reading one of her stories on Radio 4 one morning and loved her way with words. I found her on Twitter, started following, and when she mentioned selling little packs of her short stories I tweeted back that I would love one. 

It's always lovely to get something exciting in the post and I was thrilled with Kirsty's little package which she had clearly taken time and effort with.

Here's an excerpt from The Light Eater -

'A light bulb blew; she went to change it but ended up sucking it like a lollipop. She enjoyed its gobstoppery taste, and had soon eaten the rest of the bulbs in the house. Lamps mushroomed up from every flat surface - and there's no good in a darkened light. Each day she visited the hardware shop and walked home with bags full to clinking. Her eyes were always full of light; with each blink she caught gold on her eyelashes.

One night she opened her mouth to yawn and saw that her path was lit. Up she jumped, pyjama-ed and barefoot and followed the light across streets and playgrounds, fields and forests, all the way to the edge of the land.'

Kirsty's words are strung together like they were always meant to be, her writing is beautiful and solid, making the unbelievable believable. I'm going to re-read my little selection again tonight, in front of the fire, and see how they can inspire me to create something new and beautiful of my own. 

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  1. These words sound very special and you have made me excited to go and seek out more of them. That reading in front of the fire does sound cosy and comforting. Have a lovely evening Jo xx