27 Nov 2012

the future and the past

I have this little life growing inside me and right now I feel so happy and positive for the future. But I also know that things aren't gonna be easy when this little fella joins us. I know it's tough being a mum, I remember how my whole world was turned upside down three and a half years ago after the birth of my girl. I remember how I was swept away in a whoosh of emotions that were certainly not all good ones. Not good ones at all.

But I also remember the wonder, the beauty, the love of a new child. And I remember how it is to fall in love with your child, straight away for me, yes, but also slowly, building as you get to know your child, and you're knocked for six by how freaking awesome they are.







More awesome than I could ever have hoped.

After all, nothing good comes easy. 

Here's to doing it all over again...x

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  1. Aw, lovely post. Am sitting her with Wilf asleep on my shoulder, sniffing his fuzzy head. Bliss! But overwhelming too x