14 Nov 2012

taking a break from talking

When I get the chance to I can talk. A lot. And right now Im getting the chance to talk a lot on a daily basis thanks to a retired builder who is kindly working at our house as a favor, finishing off our plastering/tiling/painting and so on. I can happily while away several hours deep in conversation with this guy whilst he slaps paint on our hallway walls. In fact we've just finished a lengthy conversation about child-birth. We cover all manner of topics. 

Anyway, there are, of course, a million other things I should be doing, like sorting out my middle room, which is one of my goals for November. So while he's on his lunch break, enjoying his pie, I can pop over to Pinterest and add to my 'workspace' board. 

And so here we go-

Now if I could just click my fingers and make my study/workspace/middle room suddenly awesome I would, but I'm not Mary Poppins and so I guess some actual work is needed. 

Starting, that's the hardest part, eh? 


  1. I feel like that every day when I look at my house and I never get started. Hell, I don't even have the excuse of being pregnant, I'm just lazy! Love your pins. x

  2. Laziness, lack of focus, call it what you will but I've got that gene, and it's a daily burden... X

  3. I'd love to have heard the conversation about birth with the builder.

  4. Oh it's a wonder builders get any work done - they can't half natter (and drink tea of course). Following you on pinterest xo