26 Nov 2012

never, ever make it again, OK?

We went to see the sweetest show about an adventurous mole on Sunday. Edie loved it and seeing her face light up with big smiles was priceless. 

We also...

...took a ride on a train, ate a cheesy/chocolaty lunch at Madame Fromage and later, when we got home, we ate my homemade pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie for dinner. The pie went down a treat but not so much the soup. Edie forced down a few mouthfuls with her nose wrinkled and then said, 'I really love it, mummy, but never, ever make it again, OK?'

Righto then. 

That's fine. 


  1. That's brilliant - so sweet. Sounds like you had a great day. x

  2. i love 'never ever make it again'....it's cute.
    also... a bit late, but congrats on new baby! how lovely!
    and... are you cardiff based? how exciting! do you sell your work anywhere in cardiff?x