5 Mar 2013

time is slippery

Right now time is slipping away from me at such a rate of knots that the days in a week can disappear before I can even register that the previous week is over. I'm constantly playing catch up. The classes I run are coming to an end very soon and I'm trying to pack in as much work as I can so that things are organised for me to go on maternity leave. I'm also trying to make the most of every available minute to focus on my art work and writing. But life keeps getting in the way of me being able to focus on anything as much as I'd like. I've got appointments coming out of my ears, work to be done on the house and even just a couple of simple but necessary tasks seem to be able to eat up a whole day. 

So I've stolen just this few minutes to sit and write these few words. Because I want to commit to writing on this blog as much as I can, because I find it propels me into getting other stuff done. It makes me focus on my minutes, hours and days and plan them more creatively, so that stuff happens.

Do you know what I mean? 

And now I look ahead to the rest of this week and realise that again I have no spare time. Or at least not enough. 

But that's how it is sometimes and in all honesty that's often how I like it. Stolen moments are where I'll have to find the time to write here. Before work, before bed, here there and in between.

Until I have this baby and then I'll have all the time in the world to write and draw and dream.


Ah well, it can be done, as so many of you out there prove to me over and over each and every day. Isn't it amazing what you can achieve even when you have no time to achieve it?



  1. What a lovely post Anna ... and so true ... Bee xx

  2. I know *exactly* what you mean!