18 Mar 2013

37 weeks

I've been struggling to do anything much this last week. 37 weeks pregnant and I'm slowing down big time. Just as well the community art classes I run are finishing Wednesday, I only run a couple a week but they're really taking it out of me. It's not just being tired that's the problem, it's the sheer weight of my belly, and the pressure 'down below' that can make me swear if I'm on my feet for too long. Didn't have that problem with my first pregnancy, I think I must have had more scaffolding propping my womb in place back then. 

But I did find the energy to play around with some shrink plastic for the first time, it's so easy and fun. I made this little Easter bunny as an experiment, it's about 5cm long. I'm going to get Edie to draw on the plastic sheets for me, so I can bake and shrink her little pictures and keep them as little charms. 

Her drawings are getting so good, I love to see her pictures of me as a spider and her daddy as a deer. And she's crazy about drawing, as soon as she wakes up she wants to get her pencils and crayons out. So glad to have such a happy little artist at home with us!

Hope you all had a good weekend X


  1. Oh that is such a sweet thing to do with Edie. I love that. Poor you, I feel your pain! Not long now though. x

  2. I love shrink plastic ... great idea to do it with the little ones ... easier to store tiny little drawings than great big A3 masterpieces :) ... Bee xx

  3. He's just great! I hope you find some time to pop those feet up! :) x

  4. Gosh you are so creative. I have never used shrink plastic but shall use my three year old as an excuse for lots of crafting in the years to come! 37 weeks, feels like only five minutes ago I was where you are, in fact it is almost five months now! Struggle away, you are busy growning a human - a good excuse in anyones book!