21 Mar 2013

faking the sunshine

Still in the spirit of yellowness I've produced a Zig Zag print in a gorgeous golden colour. It brightens up our bedroom a treat. 

Even though it's raining outside and the temperature is chilly I still have my golden mantel piece display to bring me sunshine.

Those little daffodils smell so good. I love this time of year for it's cheap and cheerful flowers. No excuses for having no flowers around when they're just pennies a bunch. 


  1. Stop making lovely things for me to covet!Love that yellow.x

  2. I would love a golden mantelpiece too ... my yellow tulips are creating happiness though ... Bee xx

  3. We are all in need of a little yellow at the moment, thanks! :) x

  4. It's funny, I cannot get enough yellow and I feel that most of those in blogland that i read feel the same. Perhaps yellow and blogs are destined to go together!