12 Mar 2013

spring mood board

As I'm rather determined to keep the thought that spring is officially here in my confused, slightly wind chilled head (it's bloody FREEZING here in Wales) I decided to turn my fridge into a little spring shrine. 

I have a cork board in the attic which keeps failing to materialise here in the downstairs world no matter how many times I request for it to be bought down with the mountains of baby stuff we're currently sorting through but I thought the fridge door would make an excellent alternative. Especially as I open it at least, ooo, 58 times a day (I drink a lot of tea and I'm very, very greedy).

Yellows, oranges, florals, blue skies, corals, turquoises, happy bright and sunny. Little green shoots and blossoms on trees. Hazy mornings, bird song, bare feet and blankets on the grass. The great outdoors, adventure, wanderings and who knows what where the day will take us weekends. 

I just LOVE the spring. And below freezing temperatures and snow flurries are not gonna stop me getting in the spring mood, no way. 



  1. Here, here! Brrrr, Brrrr!
    Great springiness there! :) x

  2. I'm with you Anna ... if we keep believing surely the temperatures will rise ... it is baltic here too ... Bee xx

  3. So, no time for sketchbooks, but mood boards a plenty!! Very inspiring Anna and Lovley to see you little cloud in there too. Spring should watch out, you're way ahead! X

  4. Love it, especially your cloud! I agree the only way forward in these arctic conditions is denial. Except when it comes to getting dressed to go out- then it's thermals, hats, gloves and scarves all the way! xx

  5. All ready for Spring here, flimsy new shoes and delicate scarf at the ready, just need the weather for it!
    Lovely inspiring board :-)