27 Mar 2013

little ikea storage drawers make over- part 2...

My little project from yesterday has been added to today using washi tape from Seventy Tree.

Now it's definitely finished and definitely colourful! 

The beautiful vintage wallpaper was from Vintage Sheet Addict's gorgeous shop of lovely papers and fabrics. 

And again this washi-taping took just minutes to complete. 

Why do we always think things will be harder than they are? 

Imagine what we could achieve if we just got on and DID STUFF

I'm not saying that I've achieved wonders but I am saying that I've been half heartedly planning to revamp these drawers for years and it took me about 40 minutes tops to finish them once I'd started.  

Hooray for craft projects that take less than an hour. They're clearly the way to go with baby number two making his way into the world sometime in the next month...


  1. Anna, these look great! I champion the very idea of minute makes (a la Mr Maker)!

  2. I totally love it Anna. Love the hot pink against that mint, it just works so well. Gorgeous stuff lady! x

  3. Looks ace! I might do mine like that....one day...

  4. Love that - it looks amazing! The print looks just like the wallpaper and duvet cover I had as a kid. I'm sure it's the same one. x

  5. Well done, and your comment about getting things done, I think i should have 'just do stuff' imprinted on my forehead!

  6. these look so lovely! Since having Wilf I've been amazed at what I can squeeze into an hour! x