19 Mar 2013

yellow cravings

Yellow, oh yellow, right now I crave your sunny hue so much. A little splash here and there to shake away the winter for good. 

Sunshine, sand, vanilla ice-cream, savingnon blanc, daffodils, bumble bees, lemons, buttercups, sun-kissed blonde streaks...

How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun. 
Vincent Van Gogh

Oh yeah.
I'm in a yellow mood.

my yellow at home Pinterest board

Funny how we get drawn to different colours at different times. Like a dirty blue, or a dusky rose or, like right now, a sunny golden yellow. But in small doses I think, too much yellow would be totally over stimulating for me. My brain needs a more calming
backdrop to stop it overloading. 
That gorgeous hour of hazy sunlight you get on summer evenings, that's what I really want to capture. And if the closest I can get is with a bunch of tulips on the windowsill then I'm happy with that.

Also, I should mention here that I've become a sponsor over at Little Birdie, so happy to see my little button on Jen's sidebar. She's one of the loveliest ladies I've met online and her blog inspires me every day. 


  1. Oh I know what you mean...we so need some sunshine! I always buy yellow tulips, and daffodils, at this time of year...surely soon spring will properly arrive?! Great news about sponsoring Jen, well done you. xx

  2. Oh you know I like a bit of yellow don't you?!
    Thanks for all your kind words - delighted to have you as a sponsor over my way! x

  3. I have a bunch of yellow tulips on my kitchen table ... they are so cheerful ... I love yellow ... mellow yellows though ... not neon brights ... Bee xx

  4. Oh, yes, I do love a bit of yellow. So cheery and uplifting! I keep meaning to ask, in your shop, there's a rainbow print in one of the pictures....is that one of yours? By the way, hope you're well xxx

    1. Yes, it is one of mine! I mentioned in that post that I'm not sure why it's not in my Etsy store. Will have to remedy that asap. X

  5. Anna, how was I not already following you on pinterest?! Especially the gorgeous yellow.