26 Mar 2013

little ikea storage drawers make over

I've been meaning to cover this shabby little set of Ikea craft drawers (like this one) with  wallpaper for years. Literally years. I finally got around to it yesterday and I swear it took me around 20 minutes. 

Here're the drawers in their sad pre-makeover state...

I drew around the drawer fronts onto some vintage wallpaper, cut out the shapes and glued them on using clear acrylic paint matt medium (I use this lots, seems to stick super well).

And it's done! How simple was that? 

Next on my list to be covered with pretty paper is the chest of drawers in Edie's room. No excuse now I know how easy it is to do. 

Right now I'm inspired to pay more attention to colour in our home. I treated myself to this book by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau and although some of it isn't exactly our style it's still a beautiful book full of ideas and prompts to get you thinking about the space you live in in a different way. Love it! 

So my little chest of drawers should give our book shelves a boost of happy making colour. And with the skies still so grey outside that can only be a good thing. 


  1. Oh, they look gorgeous. What a beautiful wallpaper. Completely inspirational! Thank you.

  2. Brilliant = love the paper, Jx

  3. Love them ... the wallpaper is great ... Bee xx

  4. Its great. Welldone! I love it.