22 Mar 2013


There have been times in my life when I've felt the urge to pick up a pen and a notebook and fill page upon page with rambling words. As a teenager, as a student, as a new mum. 

Then there have been long stretches of time when I've only written with a keyboard and I swear my fingers have almost forgotten the mechanical function necessary for handwriting. You know that feeling? When you pick up a pen to write something other than your signature and the process of writing down words feels so awkward. 

But I am a writer, not in the professional sense at the moment but in the sense that I have a lot of words inside me that need to be written down. After my art degree I studied for a masters degree in Writing- Practice and Issues and worked as a freelance writer in London for several years after. Now my blog and my notebooks hold all my words. That's one reason I love blogging, so I can write stuff down.

When I heard about Miss Beatrix's postcircle I decided to join in. Writing letters is something it's fashionable to say you love, but it's something we hardly ever do. 

It's funny how intimate writing a letter can be, especially to someone you've never met. It's like opening yourself up to someone, becoming a little bit vulnerable. It doesn't feel like that here on this blog. It feels like I'm writing to friends, and to myself. 

But it felt good to write an actual letter to someone. Maybe I should write to some of the lovely people I've met through this blog. People I feel like I 'know' though I've never met. People who I have lots in common with. 

Maybe I will. Would that be weird? 


  1. You should ... I would love to receive a lovely letter from you ... I have joined #PostCircle too and must admit I felt a little weird at first writing to someone I didn't know in any way but the words sort of flowed regardless ... I have lots of words inside me too and sending and receiving letters is a lovely way to let them out :) ... Bee xx

  2. Writing and receiving letters is the best...this is a lovely idea. X

  3. I too have joined in and now am not-so-secretly hoping I get you in my circle ;) I love writing and in fact have a 'pen pal' for about a decade now.