29 Jan 2013

flowers on the windowsill

Buying flowers for the house makes a big difference for me during dark and grey winters like this. Those little bursts of colour and beauty combined with the way it always feels like a little treat to buy yourself some is happy making.

I always put some on my windowsill so when I arrive home I can see them, bright and cheerful, as I walk up the steps to my front door.

It was a happy thought to bring 
To the dark season's frost and rime 
This painted memory of spring, 
This dream of summertime
from Flowers in Winter by John Greenleaf Whittier

I often buy one big, cheap and often slightly garish bunch and separate it out into little posies for the dozens of jam jars I have ready in my kitchen cupboards.

And daffodils; such a low cost, sweetly scented, colourful way to bring some gorgeousness home with you.

Put them in jars, cups, vases, teapots, jugs and mugs and make your home smile. 

Buy yourself some and enjoy! 


  1. I love your pictures and the flowers are all beautiful :)

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  2. I also love fresh flowers in the house especially since I am useless with plants! x

  3. Darling Anna, are they your own photographs? They are stunning! And you're so right - flowers brighten up everything and everywhere.
    Thank you so much for replying about logo designing. It turns out that one of my friends [who's taught herself Photoshop!] actually surprised me with a few ideas of her own, one of which I'm running with for now - but I will definitely keep your beautiful clouds in mind for the future!! xx

  4. Amazing !!! really awesome fresh flowers . I love these picture.