4 Jan 2013

go easy on yourself

not just a random picture of a man and a dog- this is My man and MY dog on New Year's Day. Cleary.

With Christmas almost at a close after a blur of coughs, sneezes, croaks, stress and the usual magnificent sparkle and family-love I'm ready to take down all the glitz and razzmatazz tomorrow for twelfth night. Taking down the tree always makes me feel smugly minimalist (I'm not), I mean, look at all that space and the clean lines of the window sill without all that glittering tit-tat. Fab! Shame about the rogue pine needles I'll still be hoovering up come Easter. Ouch.

And so it's now two thousand and thirteen! Wow. Sounds monumental to me. I really think it's going to be a good year. 

Edie- New Year's Day 2013

Last January I started 2012 with the words 'be brave' to take me into the new year. I think I was brave in 2012, though I'm sure I could do with a little more effort in some parts of my life. And that little bit of self-criticism takes me neatly onto this year's mantra, 'go easy on yourself'.

Go on, be kind to yourself, just because you're so bloody awesome. 

And because you're doing OK, OK?


  1. Happy New Year! Love your mantras - 'be brave' and
    'go easy on yourself', I really need to do both of these things. And I hear you on the pine needles - I swept up nearly a carrier bag full today! x

  2. Self criticism is so last year - here's to a year of self-love and acceptance. And good luck with your new baby. Happy New Year xo