21 Jan 2013

tiny little tokens

It was still snowy outside today and with Edie's school closed again we had an indoors day. We've been out dog-walking and snowball-fighting every day since Friday but as the snow is turning to lethally slippery ice in places (and I'm 29 weeks pregnant) we decided to give the outdoor pursuits a miss today in favour of the warmth and safety of our kitchen table.

So whilst Edie happily spattered paint around the kitchen I sat for just 15 mins and painted these tiny pebbles, each one just 3cm-6cm long.

Maybe I need a little more practice and a smaller brush, but still, sweet, aren't they?

All I needed- 

•Acrylic paint 
•Small paintbush

I'll probably give them a coat of clear acrylic matt medium tomorrow to ensure their durability but I think they'd probably be fine without. 

I'd like to leave a few of the heart pebbles hanging about on Valentine's Day for people to find. Maybe leaving them at bus stops, on walls and on benches. 

I'd like to find one at least, I think it'd make me smile :) 


  1. Very cute ... and I would love to find a randomly placed painted pebble ... a lovely little slice of happy ... Bee xx

    1. Thank you! I'll have to collect more pebbles so I can do that. If this snow ever goes away! X

  2. love this idea! the leaving them especially. BRILLIANT!