14 Jan 2013


My first experience of being a mummy was the most life changing, head spinning, soul soaring, sanity wrecking event that's ever befallen me. From the minute I felt my little girl making her way out of me and into the big wide world I changed, my life changed and the world around me changed. In fact, it changed days before I gave birth to her but then that's hormones for you.

I'm facing that same adventure again this April. I hope that I can keep a steady hand on my head, hormones and emotions this time but only time will tell. 

When I was pregnant with Edie I thought a lot about how it would be to have a baby. I had no idea. This time I know about the joy, the frustration, the boundless love and the sheer boredom of it but I don't think of it at all. Even though I'm over the moon to be expecting again I just take each day as it comes and I don't think about the future, post April. Maybe that's the wrong thing to do. Maybe I should be day dreaming about tiny toes and walks in the park. Maybe I should be preparing myself for my hair falling out and my boobs turning into milk squirting burning boulders. Maybe I should take some time to sit and write through all the good things and the not so good. 

Maybe I should. 


  1. Congratulations, you fabulous girl! Such exciting news. My colleague just had her very first baby, and it was pretty eye-opening being with her every day during the last stages of her pregnancy... in the end, she had a pretty tough time and a difficult birth! Yet she's now happy and healthy again, with a GORGEOUS little baby girl, which I utterly wish for you [well, or boy - a gorgeous little person of any kind!! :)]. Let us know how it goes! xxx

  2. I think second (and third!) time round is so much easier because you know that the boulder boobs and boredom and other bad bits are so temporary and only a tiny part of the whole experience. And you also know how the months and years go whizzing by, so you appreciate every little moment even more. x