23 Jan 2013

lately, at ours

These last few snowy days have been mostly spent hunkered down indoors. 

We made cookies using this recipe and they ROCKED!

Best biscuits I've ever made (although I admit I haven't made that many). We halved the amounts (apart from the egg yolk, we still used a whole one) and we got two baking trays out of it. 

They've all gone now...

And we've done a lot of slow, cosy, around the house stuff.

So (hopefully) we've seen the worst of the snow and now the thaw can begin. As much as we've loved sledging, snowballing and cosying up with hot chocolates in front of the fire we're ready for some new adventures. 

Our little break from normal routine has been lovely. No school, no work, no popping to the shops for six whole days. Just family, food and play with nothing much important to do. Maybe we needed a little break like that. 



  1. Love the mini rolling pin and great food is so important in this weather xo

  2. Those look amazing biscuits! And I so hope to find a lovely pebble like the ones you have painted - a lovely idea to leave them for someone to find! Jo xx

  3. That pebble is so nice - and the drawing with it makes me smile :)

    I'm glad the snow is gone too - a couple of days is fun, but now I'm ready for springtime

  4. Roll on spring ... winter has been long enough :) ... Bee xx