10 Jan 2013


image by Paula Mills whose Etsy shop is here

Our not-so-new fireplaces have been waiting for mantelpieces for around 18 months now. There always seems to be more important things to spend our money on, like, er, food and, um, heating, but this Christmas I found myself wishing we had somewhere to hang our stockings, display our cards and light our candles. 

Paula Mills 

I suppose mantelpieces are like little shrines, places to displays the beautiful things that are important to us, family photos, mememtoes, ornaments that tell a little of who we are and what we stand for. Plus, with young children around mantelpieces are thankfully high off the ground and out of reach of little hands. 

image found here

I love the thought of changing our mantel displays season by season. We're just a month and a bit into winter but realistically I can't see us getting our living room mantelpiece up and running until the spring. We have to find and buy the thing first and that is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

From The Pottery Barn

I found all these beauties whilst perusing Pinterest. Go take a look at the other lovelies if you wish.

Have you got a mantelpiece? If so I'd love to hear about (or even see) what you choose to place upon yours. Please share!


  1. I have a reclaimed fireplace/mantlepiece in my living room.I can't take credit for it though, the previous owner had put it in, but it was a dealbreaker for buying her house off her! It's a black cast iron one, so lovely, but has the tiniest of openings meaning we can't put an actual fire in it as none seem to fit the space. I haven't much on the mantlepiece but I have been thinking about some candlesticks and pictures and I do like the idea of putting a vintage mirror above it -kind of like picture 2. x

    1. That sounds lovely. All the cast iron reclaimed ones we've seen have been sooo expensive. But they are really beautiful. I think cos we haven't got any shelving or any surfaces to display anything much in our living room which is quite small I'm really craving a mantelpiece to decorate. Thanks for sharing, my love! X

  2. I'm yet to decide whether I want mantels downstairs, but the bedrooms will have one. Have you tried putting a wanted notice out on freecycle? I've seen a few wooden surrounds up in the Caerphilly/Cardiff area over the last month or so, you might be able to score something for free!