24 Jan 2013

things will be fine

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I couldn't sleep last night. I woke at around 1.30am (well, in fact Edie woke me at 1.30am) and then I lay in bed for hours wide awake before I cracked and came downstairs. I had that feeling where you dread the day because you know you're going to feel so damn tired and bleary and like you could cry at any moment. But I made a cup of tea, turned the little lamp on, got under the quilt on the settee and watched Miranda on the BBC iPlayer. 

And you know what? It was lovely. 

The house was so quiet, the dog was sound asleep, my tea was hot and comforting and Miranda made me laugh. 

After that I fell fast asleep on the settee for an hour or two, happy as Larry.

And my day has been fine. More than fine; the sun has been shining, my girl went to nursery for the first time since last Thursday and I busied myself with a little project in front of the fire whist watching a black and white film on TV. 

Yes, I'm tired, but tonight I shall have a bath and an early night and things will be fine. 

I might get that stitched across my pillowcase. 

Things will be fine.

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  1. Ah, pregnancy insomnia! I always found it was best to get up and distract myself with a cuppa and a book. Last night I was woken by Wilf at 12 then 3, Molly at 5, shortly followed by Gwen, Dave intermittently all night with snoring, then Wilf again at half six. Then the alarm went at seven. Feeling your pain :-)