15 Jan 2013

time to pick up a pencil

I have had no time to make any new art for weeks and weeks. Getting back into the swing, finding the space and focusing on a blank white piece of paper again is proving difficult. But I'm feeling the need to desperately. So today I have set aside three precious hours in which to draw. I shall post again when I've drawn something...


  1. Looking forward to it ... I hope you find the peace to get to it ... I have so many ideas swirling around in my head but with three little ones I can't find the time ... I think I will have to start getting up at 5am or something :) ... Bee xx

    1. I think I picked the wrong day! I've had a ton a paperwork to do for my tutoring jobs and my house is a mess, I haven't done dinner and I'm going to see Les Mis this evening.... I did still find the time to get quite a bit of art done although I'm paying for it in stress! x