9 Jan 2013

goals for January

image from http://design-seeds.com/index.php/home/entry/penciled-color

So it's January 9th and I'm finally getting around to making not some huge goal for 2013 but just three little ones for the rest of the month.

organise my wardrobe space

my father in law is arriving at ours today to spend a few days building a wardrobe in an alcove in our bedroom. I'm pretty excited about this as my clothes have been piled upon a clothes horse in our room for the past year and a half. Getting them out of the way and behind doors will make our bedroom so much more of a sanctuary. It looks fab in magazines when there's a clothes rail on display with floaty white dresses and sequined cardigans hung neatly on it but when yours is bulging with maternity leggings and your water proof jacket it looks a bit shit to be honest. So here's to our new hand made wardrobe!

write or draw every day

Why the hell not. It's what I love after all.

plan our meals more carefully

This one is much needed. Blame the pregnancy fatigue/sickness/general disinterest in foods that don't contain bread, potatoes or pasta but our diets need a real kick up the arse. I went through the Innocent Hungry recipe book on Sunday night and I'm inspired! It's packed full of delicious and simple recipes that are suitable for little ones too, but even for grown-up girls and boys it's fab. 

Here's to a January full of good food, doused in creativity and with somewhere to hang my elasticated waist jeans. Happy days.


  1. 3 goals sound perfectly achievable Anna, and much better than a long list of pressure bearing ones! Thanks for the cook book tip, have it on order from the library now in anticipation of a new exciting meal plan!

    1. Oh good! It is a good one. You won't regret it! X

  2. hello! i was wondering if as part of your new year you'd like to come to our quilt club in the museum? or our craft club???