25 Jan 2013

phone cover make

I made this easy phone cover yesterday whilst watching a black and white film on TV. I'd finished it around 10 minutes after the film ended so a really quick project. 

All I needed were-

• a piece of felt 
• white embroidery thread 
• white acrylic paint.
• some velcro

I cut out two pieces of felt around 1 1/2 cm bigger than my phone
on the two long sides and one of the short and left a 1cm border on the other short side (the top or opening).

Then I used a piece of chalk to mark out a 1cm border on the two long sides and one of the short sides. 

Using the embroidery thread I made big stitches all around the marked border.

Next I painted a pattern! (I practiced a few ideas on a scrap piece of felt first.) You may have to go over your design a couple of times. 

I initially used fabric paint but it seemed to just get absorbed into the felt and so I turned to my trusty supply of acrylic paint. It never comes off my clothes when I accidently make a mess so I figure it's pretty durable! And of course you can't put felt in the washing machine anyhow so no need to worry about that.

When my pattern was dry (minutes later) I used a small piece of felt to make a fastening which I stitched at the back as below. 

And then using a glue gun I attached some velcro. Ta Dah!

This was a bit of an experiment and now I can think of lots of variations to play around with. Different colours, shapes patterns. 

So easy to make. And using felt gives it more protection than other thin materials. I may make a felted cashmere version next. I have a couple of shrunken jumpers which would be perfect for a project like this!

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  1. That is really cute :)

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