22 Jan 2013

our new bedroom mantelpiece makes me happy

Our living room is still naked above the fireplace but joy of joys our bedroom now has a fully functioning mantelpiece just begging to be decorated with lovely things. How can that be so exciting?

I haven't really decided what I really want up there yet, but then I think that's half the beauty; that you can change it whenever you like, to reflect your mood and what catches your eye. 

It's made our bedroom look a lot more 'finished', and now it feels really cosy. Luckily the mantelpiece was an ex-display piece which we got for a steal.

After buying this house a year and a half ago and doing lots of renovation work it's these little details that make it feel like the home we always wanted. 

Somewhere that feels like ours, somewhere we can relax, somewhere that makes us happy. Isn't that what we all want? X


  1. it looks beautiful! i have one of those bunny lighs!

    1. Yes, think I saw it on your blog! They cost a bomb in batteries though don't they?! X

  2. Love the floating mantlepiece look xo

  3. Love it Anna ... we have this floating style of mantle above our cooker and stove ... I am so in need of adding finishing touches here too ... we built our house and are gradually making it into a home to love ... I just love the process ... love the bunny and hand ... Bee xx

  4. It looks gorgeous, I love the string of pretty lights and the jug of daffodils. x

  5. Oh wow, I LOVE your mantel, it's beautiful! I might just have to steal that style for my house (sorry!)